quote of the day – v for vendetta.

I’ll put Muay Thai aside for this one. V For Vendetta has been my political inspiration. I believe people should watch the government closely, not the other way.

(props to countpoopoo)


One Evening Session On The Playlist

One Evening Session On The Playlist

I remember when I got back home from 3 months training in Thailand everyone kept asking me about how they do the training there, what training with the real deal feels like. Well, I must say I could only remember vaguely, since I got hit on the head by bigger guys too many times. So after a year passed, a few weeks ago I managed myself to look back on this particular afternoon session, when, as I recall, this huge chap from UK beat the hell out of me. Yet, I survived the beating from a genuine Leeds United fan whom swore at me at our first meeting simply because I support Manchester United. I’d say it was rather frightening.

Somehow the atmosphere at that time kinda inspired me to make a playlist to accompany my session. Some kind of list of songs that I should’ve  listened to during that particular afternoon session.

1. The White Stripes –  Seven Nation Army

Perfect song to build up the ferocity after the 4K run. Bring it on, I’m ready for the sprains bruises and cracks!

2. House Of Pain – Jump Around

This one never gets too old. Some sort of reminder what to do for the next five-fifteen minutes. The beat keeps my head nodding subconsciously, legs bouncing, arms spinning that heavy jumping rope.

3. Delinquent Habits – Legend Of The Tres

Shirt off! Final rounds of jumping rope, still got the beat pounding. Hang on, keep on jumping to the beat! Only a few minutes left! Won’t let the boredom takes the best of me.

4. Eminem – Till I Collapse

Long water break. Time to put on the hand wraps, wipe off the sweat on my body, getting ready for 3 rounds of shadowboxing. Sh*t’s just getting started. I was just warming up.

5. Foo Fighters – My Hero

The drums and the guitar riff just won’t let me stop. As I keep on striking, through that huge mirror my vision is focused on every movement I make, checking my stance and how I land every strike.  That’s the beauty of shadowboxing.

6. Beastie Boys – Sabotage

The time has come put on my gloves. He’s heading his way to the focus mitts, then I hear the squeaking voice of Ad-Rock roars. No matter how f’ed up I am, this tune always gives me extra strength.

7. Ludacris – Get Back

Time to boast what I’m capable of.  Sending a message to those who just can’t stop running their mouth. For every kicks landed on the pads, feels like I’m stating: “Yeah, look at me, I’m good at this sh*t, I got all it takes to knock you down whenever you want.”

8. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Can’t Stop

Still got the heat from the last round, I won’t slow down. Gotta keep those elbows coming.

9. Fort Minor – Remember The Name

Time’s up, moving on to the bags with same intensity.  No room for slack time, keep on working on the one – two leg kick combinations. More power on the left kick!

10. AC/DC – Highway To Hell

Sweat all over the floor, arms getting heavy, takes a little longer for my shin to hit the bag. Still I manage to standup straight, breathe deeply, tuck my chin. Here I go again.

11. Pearl Jam – Do The Evolution

Almost gassed out, I can’t even feel the sweat dripping into my eyes. Deliberately distract myself to this jam, the only thing that make me feel better is distracting this exhaustion.

12. 2Pac – California Love

Come to the time when it needed the most, another long water break. Small talk with a few chaps on the gym, put on the shin guards, 14 oz gloves.

11. LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out

This guy’s taller than me, much bigger than me, he has more moves in his arsenal. Even worse, he’s a Leeds United fans AND a professional kick boxer. But then again, I keep telling myself I can’t let him get in to my mind. Just need to show him he can’t own this small Indonesian who got balls to standup with this guy in the ring.

12. Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck

Alright, that didn’t workout very well. A bit dizzy from his left hook, maybe I was too often letting my hands out of position, didn’t protect myself properly. Next one!

13. Koil – Aku Lupa Aku Luka

Try my best to put on the poker face on the final round, pretending I don’t feel that inside leg kick which landed smoothly on my inner thigh from the previous round. This guy with that beard and huge hairy belly thinks he’s tough. Goes hard on me, I’ll go hard on him instead.

13. N.W.A – Straight Outta Compton

Done! Made that guy paid for going hard on me. Time for another bag session, 100 knee strikes for each leg. Yeah!

14. Dropkick Murphy’s – I’m Shipping Up To Boston

Damn! These legs are getting heavier, another 50 and I’m done.

15. The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You

And the session is only 300 sit-ups away. Here we go!

16. Kings Of Leon – The Bucket

Rash on my ass, thank to abs conditioning. Exhausted. Time to go home and take a shower.

Embarrassing First Fight

Embarrassing First Fight

Recently I watched my first fight which I wrote about it approximately a year ago. I must say it’s a shame knowing that prior to the fight I had already trained for around 4 years and I fought like a newbie. I did not fought like a person who spent half of his week to the gym night and day. It was nowhere near to what I had usually shown during pad works. The cardio wasn’t there, and all the fluidness of punch-kick combination evaporated somewhere. Not to mention my stance, most of the time I did not put tuck my chin, left my jaw unprotected by my hands. Lucky my opponent was at the same level as I was. The result would’ve been different if I’d fought a better opponent

Then I read this book called Muay Thai Unleashed, it’s written that the first fight is always going to be suck. Most likely one will use only half what they really know and they will look terrible compare to what they usually do to with bags and pads at the gym. This occur because the techniques haven’t become reactions.It really makes sense, but, again, the gap between real fight and training can be lessened by adding the sparring session in one’s routine. The more sparring session you do, the better your reaction will be at the fight.

As for my preparation, I did not have much sparring partners at that time. All the trainers were busy doing their job, while the other members were not at the same level of enthusiasm for the sport. So I had to wait for my friend’s availability at the gym, who weighed 30 kg above me. Of course getting hit multiple times by someone much bigger than you are wasn’t a pleasant experience, but we did not spar that much either, so I did not practice my reaction. I even flinched and wasn’t trying to fix it.

Keeping a pupil busy with pads and bags is not a good way to prepare him/her to fight. Again, pads and real fight are two different things, one just can’t get intimidated in a pad sessions. While on the other side I think it is necessary to get the fighter mentally ready by spar. So in short, if your trainer only give you pads and bags prior to a fight, you’re in a wrong place to train.

Why Light Spar

A video of me and my friend doing a light spar.

Often I see people itching want to get a chance to spar only after a few sessions. Though i have nothing against it, but when their form are still messy and they still flinch when a strike is coming, it’s just a waste of time. One will just strike in full force without any consideration while the other guy will just run away from the strike. Nobody will get the benefit by doing so.

The purpose of light spar itself is to introduce the pupils who are not accustomed yet to to sparring how to anticipate a strike, not to flinch when a strike come, and to get use to the movement of the opponent. In a real fight, nobody will just stand there and voluntarily punched.



Lesson Learnt From The First Fight

It is hard to describe the disappointment towards my first fight since I did not perform as expected. I gave my opponent too much time to build the momentum and confidence on the early rounds he needed.  Fortunately his strikes weren’t hard enough to stop the match early and I could anticipated them well except for the leg kicks and elbow strikes which helped him gaining significant points. Dominating on the fourth round with a clean head kick and a failed leg sweep attempt by my opponent which backfired him, I thought I had this round, all I needed was to knock him out with a few punch-kick combinations. But I was running out of breath and all I can do was throwing a jab then we clinched until the bell rung. The referee raised our hands indicated for a draw.

The match was over for almost three weeks now and I must cope on, moaning about what have happened or looking back won’t help. So I decided to watch the match round per round  thoroughly and I have taken note of how slow the anticipation for the leg kick coming and how my body did not distribute the weight correctly when I threw a hook. Lack of confidence probably the best way to conclude my review after watching myself fought. On the positive side, I managed to catch his kick multiple times but the follow up  just wasn’t there.

Next match is coming in May. I still have plenty of time for conditioning and getting myself ready for another match. Still have to do a lot of pad works, roadworks, heavy bag, skipping rope, shadow boxing, weightlifting. I do not worry about the result, how I fight is the only concern. From now on, I set a new standard, anything less than 100% should be considered as a waste of time. The hard work starts now.

Start Something New in 2013

Along 2012 I didn’t spend much time on the gym nor the road for running. I didn’t even remember any achievement I’ve accomplished last year.

Therefore, I decide to add more miles and more round on my workout and this blog will be the log for my workout. Every post for this blog will be related to my Muay Thai or running activity.

But, doesn’t it seem pointless if I don’t have any goals while filling this log?

Here are my goals :

  1. Join 10k (min) twice in 2013
  2. Compete in a Muay Thai or Kickboxing fight